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Short-Throw Projectors for Interactive Environments

  • Universal mounts fit most short-throw projectors
  • Patent pending GearBox™ securely stores amplifier and third-party devices
  • Optional audio upgrade with UNI-AUD kit
  • Flexible mounting options enable installation to dual wood studs
  • Cable routing discreetly manages signal and power cables through arm and into the GearBox™

In education environments, the UNI product line simplifies classroom upgrades and maintenance by standardizing campuses with a mounting and audio system that works in any type of classroom regardless of ceiling type, including portable classrooms.

In the corporate arena, UNI products are commonly used in training rooms, boardrooms and lobbies or hospitality settings. Simple wall installation significantly removes the cost and complexity involved in ceiling and plenum configurations.

Audio upgrades are available with any short-throw mount by purchasing the UNI-AUD upgrade package.

The UNI-GB wall equipment GearBox™ is easy to install on a wall without penetrating the ceiling, which saves rack space and avoids plenum issues.

The audio upgrade kit includes a Compact Power Amplifier (CPA-50). The CPA-50 powers the speakers and supports multiple stereo inputs, which makes it perfect for connecting to a projector, microphone and other sound sources.

The UNI-SPKR pack includes two 80/100W speakers with clear, dynamic sound for all purposes, including lectures and multimedia presentations. The speaker grills can easily be removed for tweeter adjustments.

Short-throw projector mounts are designed to mount projectors on the wall typically above an interactive whiteboard. An audio system with speaker, a 50W amplifier and a wall mounted volume control add the perfect sound to a classroom or training center.

Premier Mounts' universal short-throw projector wall mounts offer multiple adjustment options with available extension up to 67 in. from the wall. Best for classrooms and conference rooms where ceiling installations are not possible, the UNI short-throw projector mount product line installs throughout many room environments and eliminates the cost and complexity associated with ceiling and plenum configurations.

How is the sound quality of the speaker system?

We tested dozens of speakers to find just the right ones with great sound. We tuned the ports and power levels to optimize them for a standard 32' x 32' classroom without mic feedback or distortion up close.

What if I need to adjust the height of the projector after installation is complete?

The adjustable mounting assembly allows up to 2" of vertical adjustment.

What if I want to dress the cables out the end of the mounting arm, not the side ports?

The "nose piece" at the end of the arm is perforated. Simply bend back the bottom with pliers and you will have more than enough room for cables.