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SportsNet New York Studio Gets a New Look

Project Value $100000.00

  • Completion Date: April 2012
  • Architect: Creative Dimensions, Cheshire, CT
  • Contact: Larry Defazio-CTS, Account Executive, A/V & Conferencing, VCA
  • System Integrator: Video Corporation of America
  • Premier Mounts MVWS-3x3-55 video wall stand provided a stylish centerpiece as well as an integral part of the set’s new on-air look.

The 3x3 modular video wall stand is rapidly setup using standard 1/2-13 nuts and bolts. (Photo courtesy of Sports Video Group)

Top adjustable display mounting brackets ensure alignment and levelness along the x, y, and z axis. (Photo courtesy of Sports Video Group)

"The video wall adds versatility with the monitors splitting into multiple boxes if needed," said Larry DeFazio of VCA. (Photo courtesy of SVG)

"The video wall installed easily and was true to the dimensions, making for a perfect fit," stated Alex Blanding of SNY. (Photo courtesy of SVG)

The system is fed by seven HD clip servers that have the ability to show different sources or operate as a single unit. (Photo courtesy of SVG)

The modular design of the video wall mount allows for additional display sections to increase the array to the desired size.

The CTM-MS2 was also used throughout the studio for a secured, yet adjustable flat-panel mount.

SNY updated their studio set for “DailyNews Live!”, a daily sports round table talk show. Premier Mounts’ innovative video wall mount was chosen to serve as a the centerpiece for the new set.

VCA and SNY worked closely with Brian Mungo, Premier Mounts’ Sales Rep, and the Premier Mounts’ custom design and manufacturing team to come up with the final custom solution. Alex Blanding, Tom Healy, and Larry DeFazio helped to select and implement nine NEC 55-inch ultra narrow bezel monitors in a 3x3 configuration in a custom-built video wall mount.

What was it like to work with Premier Mounts?

Alex Blanding, Senior Director of Engineering for SNY, stated “[Premier Mounts] customized the mount to our exact needs and was very helpful in guiding us through the installation and display alignment process.”

How well did Premier Mounts help to meet the deadline of the project?

Premier Mounts met the deadline posted by SNY. The video wall came in on time, as scheduled to VCA, allowing for an on-time delivery to the client.

What was the biggest challenge, and how did Premier Mounts help with the success?

According to Larry DeFazio, “The largest issue was cost vs. quality.” Although there were some challenges, “the response times, turnaround and final product was extremely stable."