Wall Equipment Gearbox™

List $199.00 Color: White

*Limited inventory, please call for availability

  • Best for classroom and conference rooms where ceiling installations are not possible
  • Optional audio upgrade with UNI-AUD kit
  • Patent-pending GearBox™ stores amplifier, PC, Mac mini™ or other control modules

The UNI-GB wall equipment GearBox™ is easy to install on a wall without penetrating the ceiling, which saves rack space and avoids plenum issues. For installations requiring audio, the CPA-50 compact power amplifier and UNI-SPKR high-quality speakers are simple to add. An equipment management plate, UNI-EMP, can also be inserted to organize and secure additional equipment.

Weight 14.86 lb.| 6.8 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount 50 lb.| 22.7 kg
Number of Mounts 0
DIM Sizes 12.75 in. (wide) x 10.25 in. (high) x 28.25 in. (deep) | 324 mm x 260 mm x 718 mm
UPC 829973261146
Bid Specification Document 0.01 MB pdf
High Resoluton Image 0.21 MB jpg
Manual 0.95 MB pdf

Is there an audio upgrade for the UNI-GB available as an add on?

Yes. Order the UNI-AUD for an upgrade kit including our UNI-SPKR and the CPA-50 amp. This can also be purchased as one complete product by ordering UNI-GB-AUD.