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Ultra-Short-Throw Projector Wall Mount with PDS-PLUS and Audio

List $987.00 Color: White

  • Acoustically balanced two-way speaker system includes two speakers, each with a 5.25 in. woofer and directional one inch tweeter
  • Patent-pending GearBox™ enclosure securely stores the CPA-50 amplifier and third-party devices such as microphone receivers and network adapters
  • Slotted mounting base with six interchangeable legs (four long and two short) to reach wider mounting points
  • Multiple audio inputs, including a line-level microphone input
  • Integrated energy-efficient 50 watt compact power amplifier
  • Extends 18 in. from the wall

The UNI-UPDS combines the universal PDS-PLUS mount with an ultra-short-throw wall mount. The UNI-UPDS extends 18 in. from the wall. Easy to mount to dual studs at 16 in., 18 in. or 24 in. spacing, it does not require a stud located in the center of your whiteboard/screen. The included Compact Power Amplifier, CPA-50, powers the speakers and supports multiple stereo inputs for connecting to a projector, microphone and other sound sources.

Shipping Weight 57.08 lb.| 25.9 kg
Weight Capacity per Mount 50 lb.| 22.7 kg
Number of Mounts 0
Height 10.69 in.| 272 mm
Depth 6.60 - 18.00 in.| 168 - 457 mm
Mounting Reach 16.43 in.| 417 mm
Pitch +16.50° / -16.50°
Roll +7.50° / -7.50°
Yaw +41.00° / -41.00°
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Dimensional Drawing 0.18 MB pdf
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Manual 1.26 MB pdf

What if I need to adjust the height of the projector after installation is complete?

The adjustable mounting assembly allows up to 2" of vertical adjustment.

What inputs are on the amplifier?

3.5mm and RCA inputs and a microphone input are on the amplifier. Separate gain presets are integrated on the front of the chassis.

How is the sound quality?

We tested dozens of speakers to find just the right ones with great sound. We tuned the ports and power levels to optimize them for a standard 32 foot x 32 foot classroom without mic feedback or distortion up close.