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Premier Mounts gets into the PWN Zone

Project Value $500000.00

  • Warrior Zone enables members of the Military with a place to kick back, relax, and enjoy some interactive gaming with the help of Premier Mount's CTM-MS2 monitor mount.
  • System Integrator: CompView Audio Visual
  • Completion Date: December 2012
  • Architect: ORB Architects
  • PM Sales Rep: Robert Guzman
  • Featured in Commercial Integrator Magazine: Read more
  • Gamer Guide: PWN was originally supposed to be "player has been owned," but was interpreted as "player has been pwned". Pwn eventually grew from there and is now used throughout the online world, especially in online games.

Gaming centers allow soldiers to have a place where they can take a break from duty and enjoy themselves.

Movie centers create a space for Warrior Zone members to find video entertainment.

Warrior Zone is equipped with various seating options for camaraderie in video gaming, thanks to the use of the CTM-MS2.

Interactive facilities create additional bonding experiences.

Warrior Zone opened it's newest facility in Fort Irwin, California, seeking out CompView and Premier Mounts to provide the most cutting edge equipment in the industry for its military entertainment center.

In keeping with the genius behind the concept, Warrior Zone wanted to introduce its customers to a new face for its facilities: all-digital, high-definition infrastructure, designed and installed by CompView Audio Visual. CompView knew that the answer to an accessible Xbox gaming station could be found in Premier Mounts' CTM-MS2 monitor mounts. The Xbox playing area was crowned with two back-to-back, 3D-capable 55" LG LED displays, mounted by the CTM-MS2 to a vertical piece of 12x12" aluminum truss.

What was it like to work with Premier Mounts on this project?

"We used the Premier CTM-MS2 monitor mount for a number of reasons," adds David Van Ostenbridge of Comp View, "They fit nicely on the truss; they're extremely durable and they tilt."

How well did Premier Mounts help to meet the deadline of the project?

"Premier Mounts consistently offers solid products, service and delivery," Stated Van Ostenbridge of CompView.

What was the biggest challenge, and how did Premier Mounts help with the success?

Warrior Zone is a place where soldiers can relax without worry. "Gamers can walk up and move displays to whatever position they like, and managers don't have to worry that they're going to damage anything," applauds Van Ostenbridge.