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Technical Rebirth

  • Static floor stands or mobile carts are available to aid in the visual experience.
  • Flat-panel mounts are available with a wide variety of features including tilt, lateral shift, low-profile, portrait orientation and cart and stand configurations.
  • Secured projector mounts ensure correct positioning and provide accessibility for maintenance and adjustments.

Our flat-panel mounts ensure secured display placement, cable management and accessibility for adjustments and service.

Projector stackers combine multiple projectors for a wider or taller projection, or even 3-D. Accessories are available for precise placement and added security.

Tilt mounts can be mounted back-to-back with the help of an adapter. Tilt and lateral shift features provide the optimal viewing angle.

Our universal mounts hold almost any display, with custom mounts also available to fit specific needs.

Increasing technology in houses of worship aid in engaging the audience and providing a rich, interactive experience.

Audio and visual dynamics are becoming increasingly substantial to worship services for the overall experience for the audience. Large projection screens and flat-panel displays are dispersed throughout the auditoriums requiring durable mounting hardware to support the visual experience for the audience. Projector stacking systems, ceiling mounts, flat mounts, and tilting mounts from Premier Mounts provide the necessary adjustments to ensure an accurate installation.