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Making a Joyous Noise at Heartland Community Church

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  • The PBM-LPS2 large projector stacking system provided Heartland Community Church a solution for their visual based service.
  • Systems Integrator: SVL Productions

Custom projector stackers allow multiple projectors to be stacked together for a wider or taller (or 3-D) projection. Mounts to 1.5 in. NPT pipe, or flies from a cable. Add optional protective siding for an extra measure of security.

The tilting mount for flat-panel displays holds up to 175 lb. and typically fits displays 37 in. to 63 in.

Premier Mounts' tilting mounts offer a wide array of mounting options, being able to attach to walls, floor stands, carts and ceiling adapters.

Flat-panel mounts from Premier Mounts ensure user-friendly features such as secured display placement, cable management and adjustability.

With an adapter, tilt mounts can be mounted back-to-back and provide the same versatile features such as 12 degrees of tilt and lateral shift for vertical alignment.

Heartland Community Church needed projectors securely suspended from the ceiling with accessibility for maintenance and adjustments. The visual experience and videotaped teaching is the foundation of Heartland's service, making this a critical aspect.

The large projector stacking system, PBM-LPS2, was chosen by Premier Mounts and SVL Productions because of its adjustment capabilities: 15° rotation, +/- 6° tilt and +/- 3° roll, as well as positive locking of set angles. The solution is secured to a single wood stud, mated to a false ceiling adapter, adjustable suspension adapters or standard 1.5 in. pipe. Premier Mounts was also selected to supply universal and dedicated mounting solutions for flat-panel televisions and monitors.

What was it like to work with Premier Mounts on this project?

Premier Mounts provided the necessary hardware for the project. “It was critical we had a partner with a can-do attitude and ability to transform an idea into a physical reality,” said Brent Hayes, SVL Productions owner/Heartland’s technical director.

How well did Premier Mounts help to meet the deadline of the project?

The critical positioning of projectors fit perfectly with Premier Mounts’ product features. We “stood out among the mounting systems because they could get the products we needed and custom designs done quickly and in our budget,” said Hayes.

What was the biggest challenge, and how did Premier Mounts help with the success?

If the projectors were positioned incorrectly, the whole visual experience would be thrown off. However, the final product exceeded Heartland’s expectations and provided durable and accessible mounting hardware for their A/V needs.