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Worldwide Nonprofit Organization Selects Premier Mounts for Community Center Video Wall

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Pre-installation preparations for the Christie MicroTiles video wall

Aligning the first row of stacked MicroTiles, with substructure that holds the Premier Mounts MicroTiles mounting frame and brackets

Mounting the Premier Mounts MicroTiles mounting frame above the five mount-free stacked MicroTiles

Almost complete! A seamless setup is made possible by MicroTiles' micro adjustments

Finished installation of the 12x9 MicroTiles video wall

First image tests and display alignment

The finished installation before going live

Live! The video wall is viewable from multiple points throughout the facility, including the youth indoor water playground

An internationally recognized nonprofit organization needed a visually stunning video wall display to grab the attention of its members at one of their Community Centers located in the Midwest.

The organization—known for strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility —turned to Premier Mounts® and Christie® to design a solution that would bring their vision to life. The community center wanted a solution that would not only deliver the necessary content, but also make them stand out as THE place to be; somewhere that you got excited to go and wanted to stay until obligations forced you elsewhere. It needed to be welcoming, it needed to be a place to gather useful information, and it needed to be delivered with aesthetically streamlined presentation. It also needed to be within their budget as well as designed, manufactured and installed within a two-month timeframe for their grand opening in December.

Premier Mounts and Christie formed a team comprised of experts from both companies, who worked together to collaborate on all aspects of the project. This team approach is exactly why the industry’s top integrators come to Premier Mounts for the perfect mounting solution, as Christie did to collaborate on this important and highly visible project.

The Center administrators brainstormed some ideas, trying to find the perfect solution for their reception area. Being centered around fitness, they even considered an exciting rock-climbing wall, but it was lacking in informative value. It was then that the experts at Christie pitched the idea of a giant Christie MicroTiles video wall, one with gestural and socially interactive capabilities. It would be multi-functional with brilliant digital signage catered to both entertain and inform Community Center members. Standing in front of this Digital Signage Brainchild was something to marvel at, and with the go-ahead from the Community Center, it was time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

The Premier Mounts Field Sales Engineering and Design Engineer Teams worked with Christie's Managed Services as they provided the technical consultation at every stage: concept, design, pre-staging, on-site setup, consultation, and installation. Premier Mounts presented their MTM Series Christie® MicroTiles® Mounting System for the finished product presentation, which would fulfill all of the install requirements to their full potential.

With a team like Premier Mounts and Christie, it was no surprise that the project came to fruition on schedule and exactly how the customer had envisioned it. A stunning 12x9 MicroTiles wall showcased in the Center's main lobby, presenting digital content 90% of the time and the option to display a cox cable feed or Blu-Rays the other 10%. It also enabled the customer the flexibility to run multiple display configurations according to their daily preferences.

Josh Kolbeck, Christie's Director of Solutions and Project Management, couldn't have been more pleased with the results:

We engaged Premier to deliver a mount that aligns with the install time and project budget. The Premier Mounts MTM-3000 with their MTM-6060 were cost-effective, decreased install time by 66.3% and allowed for the adjustability required to install MicroTiles. We aligned and installed one hundred and eight Christie® MicroTiles®, with Premier creating a mount, so that we could build and align three MicroTiles groups on the floor before locking them onto the wall. This gave us the flexibility to have multiple technicians working in different zones simultaneously, saving us a LOT of installation time.

There's always a delicate balance in creating something visually stunning and impressionable while maintaining time and budgetary constraints. Consumers want Rome to be built in a day, and it becomes the eternal task of the A/V industry to make that happen. This is why sales people and integrators must present options that balance the scales between something informative and eye-popping, yet cost-effective and with efficient assembly time.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the concept visualization for an interactive video wall, but the success of the end result depends on the functionality of its core structure. We discuss this in detail in our Mounting Challenges Blogpost, but to recap: key factors to consider are ease of installation and installation speed, fine tune adjustment capability, weight, power, temperature control, A/V Network, audio and template design. The bigger the scale of the video wall, the more pivotal it becomes to involve a professional mounting solutions team in order to avoid pitfalls. From concept and placement to installation follow-up, Premier Mounts has you covered.

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